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pdf File 1516 AUP Policy and Signoff
An AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) must be signed off for each student to enable them to use the district computers. Without a signed AUP on file, students WILL NOT be allowed to use district computers.
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55.42 Kb 09/22/15 Policies
pdf File 1516 AUP Signoff Form Only
This document does not include a copy of the policy but is the sign off document only. Without this document on file, students WILL NOT be allowed to use district computers.
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52.72 Kb 09/22/15 Policies
pdf File 1516 Youth Options Handout.pdf
Options for 9th through 12th grade courses
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322.18 Kb 09/21/15 Parent Communication
pdf File 2015-16 PJJ Academic Guide
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4.50 MB 01/27/15 Handbooks
pdf File 2016 Awards Night Program
May 19, 2016 Awards Ceremony Program
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325.62 Kb 05/11/16 Parent Communication
pdf File 2016 Fall Parent/Teacher Conference Package
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1.58 MB 11/03/16 Parent/Teacher Conferences
pdf File 2016-2017 9th Grade Academic Guide
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5.18 MB 08/10/16 Handbooks
pdf File 2016-2017 District Calendar
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370.59 Kb 07/05/16 Parent Communication
pdf File 2016-2017 PJJ Academic Guide
Registration and policy explanations help you make the best decisions for your child.
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5.74 MB 01/11/16 Handbooks
pdf File 2017-18 SPASH 9-12 Academic Guide.pdf
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4.45 MB 12/22/16 Handbooks
pdf File 2017-2018 PJJ Academic Guide
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7.53 MB 12/22/16 Handbooks
pdf File About P. J. Jacobs JHS
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9.78 Kb 02/20/09 Parent Communication
pdf File Athletics Summer Newsletter 1617
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355.07 Kb 07/13/16 Newsletter
pdf File Boys & Girls Club Membership Application, 2016-2017
In order to participate in Homework Center, your child must be a member of the Boys and Girls Club. Please complete this application and submit it along with the membership fee to participate in our after-school homework center.
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601.81 Kb 09/07/16 Forms
pdf File Co-Curricular Refund Request
This form must be completed to request a refund of previously paid co-curricular fees. Upon approval by the district athletic director, a refund will be issued.
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24.91 Kb 01/10/11 Athletics forms
pdf File Current Student Handbook
The current student handbook explains the rules/regulations we follow at school. This information is also located in the front of each student planner.
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1.39 MB 12/04/14 Handbooks
pdf File DailyTimeSchedule1415.pdf
This document shows the time schedule for each student based on the lunch hour your student has.
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65.93 Kb 02/27/15 Parent Communication
pdf File Fall Conference Letter/Schedule
This document includes a letter of explanation to parents as well as a list of teachers and times available during conferences.
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254.65 Kb 11/11/15 Parent/Teacher Conferences
pdf File Fall Parent/Teacher Conference Location Maps
Maps to assist you in locating the teachers you wish to speak with.
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1.25 MB 11/11/15 Handbooks
pdf File January, 2017 Parent Newsletter
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2.70 MB 12/22/16 Newsletter
pdf File May, 2016 Parent Newsletter
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2.63 MB 06/01/16 Parent Communication
pdf File Military Opt-Out Form
DO NOT release information to military recruiters form
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90.22 Kb 09/09/15 Forms
pdf File P. J. Jacobs Apparel Order Form
These forms are due, with payment, no later than December 2nd.
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242.84 Kb 11/17/16 Forms
pdf File Pertussis Fact Sheet
What is pertussis and what do I do?
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121.15 Kb 10/30/14 Parent Communication
pdf File Prescription Medication Form
Please have your physician complete this form when your student must take medication at school. The form and meds need to be turned in to the Student Services Office.
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36.79 Kb 07/18/14 Forms
pdf File Reading List for Junior High Age Students
This list was compiled from various sources; Novelist 2014 Teen Faves, Senior Battle of the Books List, Novelist Best Teen Fiction 2013, and the 2014 Alex Award Selections
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577.59 Kb 11/24/14 Newsletter
pdf File School Supply List
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428.12 Kb 07/16/15 Handbooks
pdf File Spring 2016 Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule
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31.57 Kb 02/26/16 Parent/Teacher Conferences
pdf File Spring Parent/Teacher Conference Maps
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1.16 MB 02/26/16 Parent/Teacher Conferences
pdf File Structured Study Hall Rubric: POINT Towards Responsible Citizenship
Structured Study Center guidelines for study hall evaluations
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1.10 MB 01/30/12 Policies
pdf File Tentative 2017-2018 Athletic Newsletter
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283.40 Kb 01/19/17 Newsletter
pdf File Travel Release Form
Complete this form at a school event that you wish to take your student home rather than have he/she ride the bus provided by the district.
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47.12 Kb 08/16/10 Athletics forms

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