Science & English Textbooks Online

The science and English departments have a new curriculum along with new textbooks this year.  All science & English textbooks at all grade levels will be available online to both students and parents.  The link to access the textbooks is:

Watch for a note from your students’ Science teacher during the first 2 weeks of school with a username and password for parents to access the textbooks online.  Students will have their own usernames and passwords.  Usernames and passwords are the same for both science & English.


 Math Books On-Line

The math books are now online offering students the ability to access their textbooks, take practice test, use an on-line tutor, copy off practice sheets and vocabulary review.

To access the material : Go  to www.

Indicate the state: Wisconsin, subject :Mathematics, Enter

Indicate the text: Math Connects (the first option)

Grade 7 --course 2,

Grade 8 --course 3 – Enter

Click on student, to access the text click on STUDENT WORKS PLUS

Access codes:   Grade 7  E53202A504

    Grade 8 : F9E9E336A0  last digit is a zero

The access codes for Accelerated Pre-Algebra, Accelerated Algebra, Algebra and Geometry will be given to you by your Math Teacher at the beginning of the year, since they change each year.