Submitted E-mail communications via the district web page contact form or any other electronic form may be subject to open records requests under Wis. Stats. § 19.35(2).  Communication over district networks is not considered private, and there should be no expectation of privacy for any messages sent or received via the district e-mail system.

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Art Teacher (1)
Custodian (2)
Educational Assistant (19)
Elementary Principal (1)
ESL Teacher (1)
Food Service (3)
Grade 1/2 Teacher (6)
Grade 3/4 Teacher (5)
Grade 5/6 Teacher (5)
Kindergarten (3)
Library Media Center (1)
Music Teacher (3)
Occupational Therapist (1)
Phy. Ed. Teacher (1)
Psychologist (1)
Reading/Title 1 Teacher (3)
School Nurse (1)
School Secretary (1)
Social Worker (1)
Special Education (5)
Speech/Language Pathologist (1)