Submitted E-mail communications via the district web page contact form or any other electronic form may be subject to open records requests under Wis. Stats. § 19.35(2).  Communication over district networks is not considered private, and there should be no expectation of privacy for any messages sent or received via the district e-mail system.

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Administration (3)
Agriculture (1)
Art (2)
Business Education (1)
Computer Science (2)
Counseling Office/Student Services (3)
Educational Assistant (17)
ELL (1)
English (6)
Family & Consumer Science (2)
Liaison (1)
Library Media Specialist (2)
Mathematics (7)
Music (4)
Office Staff (5)
Physical Education (5)
Psychologist (1)
Reading (2)
School Nurse (1)
School Secretary (3)
Science (7)
Social Studies (9)
Speech/Language Pathologist (1)
Student Services (8)
Technology & Engineering (2)
World Languages (5)