Do You Need A Copy Of Your Transcript?
First, you have to become familiar with some terminology.

Official Transcript - This is a transcript sent directly from the high school to a college or an employer.  Most colleges, technical colleges, and scholarship programs require an "official transcript".

To request an official transcript follow this link to  You will need your Student ID or last 4 digits of your Social Secuirty Number as well as a valid email address.

Unofficial Transcript - This transcript is provided directly to the student or their parent/guardian.  Even if it is sealed in an envelope, if we provide it to you or your parent/guardian, it will be stamped unofficial.

Please Note:  If you graduated from SPASH 1990-present you will need to follow the link above to  If you graduated before 1990 you will need to fill out the transcript release form as noted below. Further transcript information may also be found on the Counseling Office Website Menu Tab.

Transcript Release Form - Every transcript we send must be released by the student, if they are 18, or their parent/guardian, if the are under 18.  To release or "give us permission" to send a transcript, you (or your parent/guardian), must sign the "Transcript Release Form".   You can pick one up at the Main Office during regular school hours (make sure you provide the correct address for where you would like the transcript sent) or download the form from the "Printable Forms" tab located on the SPASH Homepage Main Menu(Click Here).  You could also mail or FAX us a signed and dated letter requesting that a transcript be sent to a specific address or school  If you choose the FAX route, it will be necessary to have someone deliver the three dollar fee.  This could be a sibling who attends here, or a relative living in Stevens Point.  We cannot send the transcript until the fee is paid.  You cannot request a transcript over the phone.  The address to request a transcript at the high school is:

Main Office
Stevens Point Area Senior High School
1201 North Point Drive
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481
FAX: 715-345-5408

Transcript Fee - For current SPASH students, the first transcript you request for college or technical college admission is free.  After that, there is a three dollar fee for each transcript we send out or provide you.  Current students do not pay a fee for transcripts sent as part of a scholarship application.  If you are not a current student, the fee for transcripts is three dollars each.  This includes both applications and scholarships.