Board of Education Recognitions

At each meeting, the Stevens Point Area Public School District Board of Education invites students in as pledge leaders, awards a Community Partnership and Recognition Award, notes accomplishments of both staff and students within the District and presents a Staff Recognition Award.

October 13, 2014

4K Pledge Leaders

Staff Recognition Award
Karla Lockman, SPASH
Taylor Stuettgen, SPASH

December 16, 2013

4K Pledge Leaders

Community Service Recognition Award
CAP Services, Inc.
Heidi Schueppel-O'Brien

Staff Recognition Award
Randy Shirek, Roosevelt Elementary School
Emily Boek, Roosevelt Elementary School

December 9, 2013

Student Pledge Leaders
Jefferson Elementary School Student Council Members

November 25, 2013

Student Pledge Leaders
Kennedy Elementary School

Community Service Recognition Award
Dave's Auto Body
Dave Suchon

10th WIAA Boys' Cross Country State Champions

Max Reichert
Awarded 1st Place in Weight Category, November 1, 2013 at International Weight Lifting Competition

Kali Schierl
Declared World Champion in bench press at the World Championship Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.

Charles F. Fernandez Center Staff
Recognized for their exemplery contributions to their students.

Staff Recognition Award
Marlene McLarnan, Madison Elementary School
Alex Brzezinski, Madison Elementary School

November 11, 2013

Student Pledge Leaders
Roosevelt Elementary School
Character Club Members