Welcome to McDill Elementary School!

McDill Elementary School is located in Whiting, near McDill Pond.
2516 School Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481

Jeanne Koepke, Principal
715-345-5420 (Office)
715-345-7345 (Fax)
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Kris Huebner, Secretary
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 Elementary school hours are from 9:05 a.m. to 3:35 p.m.  Staff is on duty on the school playground beginning at 8:45 a.m. each school day.  We ask that non-bus students do not arrive at school before that time, as no adult supervision is available.  Parents, we ask for your help in this effort to have children leave home at an appropriate time to gauge their arrival at school.  
As childrent arrive at school, they are to proceed to the playground until the first bell rings at 8:55 am.  At this time, students are allowed in the building and are to proceed to their lockers and prepare for class.  Only cadets or those students eating school breakfast should be entering the building prior to the 8:55 am bell.  If it is necessary to speak with a teacher prior to school, we ask that parents first come to the office, sign in and take a visitors badge. We thank all parents for their cooperation with this request as it allows our teachers to properly prepare their lessons and classrooms for the day.  Please also feel free to contact teachers via email to arrange times to meet, if the need arises. 

Children who ride buses are expected to return home on the bus, unless a written note from

their parent/guardian explaining a change of routine accompanies the child.

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